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  • UNC-Chapel Hill Movement of Youth Mentor, LJ Clark, receives acceptance to spring study abroad program

    November 9, 2014 by admin

    Movement of Youth Mentoring Services Director and UNC sophomore, LJ Clark, has recently received acceptance to the Public Health Brigade Program through “Global Brigades.” As a part of the program, he will be traveling to Honduras for a week in March 2015 to develop and attain sustainable health solutions.

    According to the program website, the brigade involves a week of working in an under-resourced, rural village outside of the capital of the country, Tegucigalpa, alongside local families. The goal is to complete home-improvement projects that will directly improve their health and overall quality of life. Some of the projects include installing efficient wood-burning stoves to reduce respiratory illnesses, building latrines and water storage units to improve sanitation, and lying concrete floors in the houses. The volunteers will also conduct public health lessons with children in the area.

    LJ is definitely looking forward to participating in the program during UNC’s spring break We wish him the best of luck!

    (Source: https://sites.google.com/site/uncglobalmedicalbrigades/public-health-brigades)